The 6 Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History

Gisele Bundchen Shares Pink

Ah, Gisele Bundchen, that German hottie who keeps Tom Brady warm at night and who both have a baby on the way is out with a new ad campaign for lingerie brand Fidelia. Bundchen, who is the world’s highest-paid model, can be seen sporting some sexy pink undergarments as well and a blue and white combo.

Is You Yang Throbbing Like it’s About to Explode?

Ready for a double entendre-laden commercial from Toshiba Canada featuring a hot yoga instructor whose ample cleavage is busting out of her top, who likes to kick delivery boys in the nuts, who seems to want to have sex with a Toshiba tablet and wants to know if your yang is throbbing like it’s about to explode? Of course you do!

Zen and the Art of Tablets

Zen and the Art of Photocopying

This Ad Will Make You Want to Go to South Beach

So if you’re an bicyle sharing company in South Beach, you’re going to use super hot women in tiny bikinis to pimp your rides in your commercials, right? Yes. And that’s exactly what South Beach-based DecoBike did in a recent commercial. See? Advertising isn’t so hard after all.

In Paris, Being Sexy Is, Of Course, Classy

For a bit of retro-style sexiness, check out this advertising campaign for fashion brand The House of Eris Paris. We could go on and on about the photographic style and various strategies used in this campiagn but we know all you care about are the pictures of the hot model in the ad. So without further ado…

You Know You Want Ashton Kutcher’s Life

Ashton Kutcher. Can you think of another guy that has it all? The dude gets young women, old women and everything inbetween. He even gets super hot Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio. Well, mayb not “gets” but he does get to appear alongside her in new ads for Brazilian fashion label Colcci. Kutcher is no stranger to fashion modelling. He made a name for himself modeling for Calvin Klein.

Who Knew Candace Swanepoel Was Bullied in School?

Did you know that Candice Swanepoel was bullied in school for being too thin? Well that was before she sprouted boobs and, at 15, was found by a model scout while wandering a flea market. The rest is history. Check out Candice in her latest shots for Victoria’s Secret.


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