The 6 Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Get Jiggly in ‘Call Me Maybe’ Cover

So how does an NFL cheerleading squad promote its annual eye candy calendar? With a cover of Carly Rae’s “Call Me Maybe” while prancing around in bikinis. And, well, yeah. There’s not much more than that to say about this jiggle-fest.

The Hottest Tequila Distiller You Will Ever See

Hmm. This is a tough one. When we envision the creation of a quality tequila, we don’t like to imagine it being made in a sterile, unfeeling environment such as a laboratory. But what if that same sterile, unfeeling laboratory process was conducted by a hot-looking woman in a white lab coat who intoned the wonders of “tristallation?”

Brooke Burke Still Hot After All These Years

Remember when Brooke Burke was just the hot chick on E! Network’s Wild On!? Of course, she’s done a lot since then including winning the seventh season of Dancing with the Stars, hosting Rock Star, viral work for Burger King and a Super Bowl ad for Burger King.

Now the the still very hot 40-year-old (my, how time flies!) can be seen in ads for her own line of recently-launched (through BeachMint) lingerie called intiMINT.

Guys, Don’t Get Slapped for Staring at Boobs

Now this one’s just funny. At one time or another, we’ve all been caught staring at some woman’s bulging boobs or cavernous cleavage. But not exactly for the same reasons the guy in this FOX ad which has something to do with subtitles. Enjoy the cleavage… uh… the ad.

Can Kate Upton be Sexy Without Showing Her Boobs?

Is it possible for a Kate Upton ad to be sexy if her boobs aren’t all wobbling front and center like they have been in just about every ad she’s done to date? We’re not sure but we’re going to let you tell us. Have a look at this ad for fashion brand Dylan George and Abbot + Main and let us know.

Oh, and Speaking of Kate Upton…

We have to say, this girl is in danger of flaming out very soon. There’s seem to be no place one can go without seeing her flaunt her curves for some brand’s camera guy. This time, it’s for Guess. And after watching the ad, all we can ask is, that was an ad for clothing? You’d never know it given the fact Kate’s mostly naked in the ad and she seems to be having some kind of slow motion orgasmic moment with herself.


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