The 6 Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History

The Sexiest Surfer Video You Will Ever See

Is there anything hotter than a sexy female surfer girl? Yes, in fact, there is. What might that be? A three minute video that begins by slowly and lovingly panning over the very curvaceous ass of a girl lying in bed. A video that is fixated on caressing every curvaceous component of that girls hotness along with the hotness of her friend’s equally hot bodies. In slow motion. Yes. Not much sexier than that.

Hot Chick Inadvertently Attracts Hoards of Horny Men

Pop quiz. What happens when a super hot woman uses Samsung’s new Motion Control Smart TV with her blinds open? A hoard of horny men…including Old Spice guy Isiaah Mustafa (we think) come calling. And, of course, hilarity ensues.

Nice touch having the chick live in apartment number 69.

Do You Like Women’s ‘Bits’?

In a commercial overflowing with double entendres about women’s breasts, this ad for Club Orange will have you snickering as the ladies equate the juciy naturalness of oranges to breasts…which they squeeze just to be sure.

The Kardashians Will Make You Want to Shop at Sears

It seems not a day goes by the Kardashian trio isn’t in the news for one thing or another. Lately, though, they’ve been in advertising news quite a bit with their Sears Kardashin Kollection action. And, really, what’s not to love? Khloe has deliciously curvaceous hips. Kim has gigantic, mouthwatering breasts. And Kourtney is just mezmerizingly hot beyond belief. It’s enough to make a guy want to…well…we’ll leave that to your imagination.

What Is it About Slow Motion and Breasts?

We’ve all had that experience while at the pool, at the beach or at some random event when a stunning looking woman appears and enraptures everyone with her voluptuous pulchritude. As she struts her way into the crowd, it’s as if everything shifts to slow motion and every move her body makes is amplified tenfold. Every step. Every arm movement. Every turn of the head. And, yes, every gentle gyration of her breasts as if they were swelling waves in a sea of flesh.

If for some incomprehensible reason you can not picture for yourself the above scenario, there’s always a commercial which will do it for you. In this case, it’s an ad for rethink’s Save the Boobs breast cancer effort, boobyball.

Hip Hop Hotties Hype Bavarian-Themed Tourist Destination

Let’s talk about Woody Goomsba and Leavenworth Washington. Never heard of them? Well, you will have after you’ve viewed this video promoting the Bavarian-themed destination.

Unlike your average tourism video which barfs up transitional imagery of a destination’s supposed beauty, Leavenworth takes a different approach. It’s not a new approach but it works. The strategy? Hot women dressed in sexed-up Dirndle wear who hang with crackin’ nutcracker Woody Goomsba and gyrate to the sounds of some beat heavy hip hop rap.
Check it out.


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