The 6 Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History

Would You Like Bar Refaeli to Wear Your Underwear?

Does watching Bar Refaeli frolic and writhe atop her bed, recline in a bathtub, and not smoke a cigar make you want to run out and buy underwear? Or does it just make you want to beg your girlfriend for a quickie? You tell us after watching this video in which Refaeli tries to get you to buy underwear.

Megan Fox Tantalizes for Sharper Image

Clad in thigh high stockings, lacy black lingerie and a form fitting white shirt, Megan Fox seductively peers out at us in a convincingly inviting manner that leads one to believe she’d have no problem at all if we crawled across the bed and slid our fingertips up her exposed thigh while leaning in to…oh wait…sorry….this is kind of a PG-13 blog. You’ll have to use your imagination to finish the story. But you’ll have no problem doing that after looking at Fox in this Sharper Image ad.

What Do Sexy Victoria’s Secret Models Think Is Sexy?

If you’ve ever wondered what all those hot Victoria’s Secret models think is hot, we now have the answer. Give this video a look and see what Candice Swanpoel, Doutzen Kroes and Toni Garrn think is sexy. We think you’ll agree with their finding.

Sunny Leone to Sell Cell Phones in India

Sunny Leone in an actress. Sunny Leone is sexy. Sexy actresses get cast in ads where they can flaunt their sexiness. Witness Sunny Leone flaunt her sexiness for Indian phone company Chaze. Well at least a picture of her holding a Chaze phone. The actual ad won’t be out for a few weeks.

Miranda Kerr Lends Curves to Victoria’s Secret Again

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a job where the only requirements were that you were hot and looked great in lingerie. Actually, who would want a job like that anyway what with photographers and horny peepers staring at you in your underwear all day long. Oh wait. Um. Hey… uh… what we meant to say is it’s an admirable profession and there are many of us who truly appreciate the art involved in creating such beautiful work. Yea, that’s it.

Anyway, here’s some work Miranda Kerr did for Victoria’s Secret which you can appreciate.



Rosie Huntington-Whitley Likes to be Naked

We’ve already seen Rosi Huntington-Whitley topless in the Pirelli calendar. And we’ve seen her frolicking around in a trenchcoat for Burberry. Not the wonder of female beauty has signed a deal with fashion brand Marks & Spencer to appear in a campaign touting a new line of underwear. Check out one of the images from the campaign here.

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