The 6 Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History

Candace Swanpoel Ignites Turkish Countryside

South African Supermodel Candace Swanpoel, 23, headed to Turkey to prance around the country’s beaches wearing hot little bikinis and beach wraps for Brazilian swimwear brand Agua de Coco. The 5’1′” hottie says she trains year round to maintain her bikini-ready body. We think she’s telling the truth.

Candace Swanpoel 1

Candace Swanpoel 2

Candace Swanpoel 3

Candace Swanpoel 4

Lara Stone’s “Sister” Rocks Lingerie For Sass & Bide

It seems gap-toothed hottie Lara Stone has a sister. OK, well, maybe not a sister but a fellow Supermodel, Jess Hart, who also sports some gap-toothed sexiness. Jess can currently be seen exposing herself for your enjoyment in a new advertising campaign for fashion brand Sass & Bide. It’s the brands debut lingerie line and we must say Jess does it justice.

Jess Hart 1

Jess Hart 2

Jess Hart 3

Jess Hart 4

These Ads Are So Hot You Won’t Notice the Armadillo

Here’s a series of ads from lingerie brand Fayreform that has a little bit of fun with that not so little problem most guys have when confronted with woman who just oozes sex so intensely it’s impossible to notice anything but her. Check out these three ads and see if you can spot the oddity in the headline tells you what you have missed.

Armadillo 1

t-rex 1

ape suit 1

Sexy Times Square Billboard Distracts

So when you’re in New York walking down the sidewalk trying to mind your own business and you’re slapped upside the head with a giant Times Square video billboard that serves up a delicious collection or barely dressed hotties who prance about and take off even more of what little clothes they have on, you might as well just sit down on the sidewalk and forget whatever you have planned for the rest of the day.

Times Square 1

Bodog Unleashes Strangest Boobs You Will Ever See

Here’s an old one but a good one. It’s a video promoting Bodog Fantasy Football.


Maybe some of you have seen that old movie Weird Science in which some hottie appears to a bunch of geeks. Well, this video follows the same idea but when Bogog’s hottie appears from the closet, climbs onto the bed of a droolingly transfixed guy and takes off her shirt, she unleashes a pair of boobs like none you’ve ever seen before.

Once Upon a Time, Flight Attendants Used to Tend to You

Here’s a quick, silly one. But one we all wish would come true when we were sitting on a plane and just a little bit cold.

Flight Attendant 1

After all, who would want one of those scratchy airplane blankets when they could have something much smoother, softer, rounder, warmer and, generally, much more pleasurable?