The 6 Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising

Sexy Ads

Hyundai Sexually Arouses Dutch Women

Complete with upskirt shot and slow motion, erect-nipple-through-the-shirt shot, Hyundai would have us believe its new Santa Fe, with its Storm Edge design, is so hot it causes women to suffer serious sexual arousal. Sweat drips. Nipples surge. Desire overtakes.

Damn, if a car this ugly can get these ladies dripping, it’s likely a country-wide orgasm of epic proportion would ensue if a Lamborghini drove down the road.

Sexy Lingerie Ad Banned Because It May ‘Raise Crime Rates’

A few years ago, Taiwanese actress Lin Chi-Ling teamed with Chinese fashion label Cosmo Lady to represent the brand as well as help design a line of clothing. A recent ad to tout the line has been banned by the Chinese state TV channel CCTV because it was deemed “too sexy” and, humorously, thought to “raise crime rates.”

Wait, what? Raise crime rates? How does an ad featuring a super hot, deliciously curvaceous model playfully dressing and undressing herself in cleavage-enhancing lingerie cause violence? The worse this might cause is cause rampant masturbation and when has that act ever harmed anyone?

Sexy Lingerie Ad

People Freak Out Over Exposed Nipple on Sears Website

Sears, a retailer one doesn’t normally associate with racy lingerie (barring recent Kardashian Kollection insanity), found itself it a bit of hot water recenlty over an image in the Exotic Apparel section of its website. Seemingly missed by every designer, photographer and project manager whose eyes it had to pass before being placed online, a picture of a model wearing a purple babydoll slip from reseller Fright Depot clearly shows a nipple protruding through the mesh top.We’re not sure when the natural beauty of a woman’s nipple became smut but, hey, there will always be a collection of people out there that refuse to believe females have nipples…that actually serve a function in the perpetuation of the human race! Exposed Nipple on Sears Website

Irina Shayk Warms the Cockles

In a couple of new ad campaigns for lingerie brands Lascana and La Clover, Russian hottie Irina Shayk offers up her delightful deliciousness to model skimpt bras, tiny panties and bikinis.

Of her hotness and, perhaps never having heard of genetics, Irina says, “I never really diet. I think that a person can eat what she likes and do some exercises to be in shape – doesn’t matter if it’s going to be gym or swimming, walking in a park or Pilates.”

Irina Shayk-1 Irina Shayk-2 Irina Shayk-3

Irina Shayk-4 Irina Shayk-5 Irina Shayk-6

Irina Shayk-7 Irina Shayk-8
Huge Breasted Babe in Bikini Eats Ice Cream on the Beach

We have no idea what anyone in this ad is saying. Nor do we have any idea what the ad is for. And we really don’t care. You won’t either after you watch the commercial and see a very sexy blond with enormous breasts bulging out of her red bikini top eating a Popsicle as, we assume, guys try to chat her up.

Huge Breasted Babe in Bikini Eats Ice Cream on the Beach

Erin Heatherton’s Freckles and Cleavage Will Melt Your Heart

Just look at Erin Heatherton these ads for Victoria’s Secret. Check out her tantalizingly sexy, girl-next-door look. Check out her freckles. Check out her cleavage. Doesn’t looking at her make you want to hunt down Leonardo Decaprio (her girlfriend for those who don’t know), punch him in the face and take her home to your mother?

Erin Heatherton Erin Heatherton-2 Erin Heatherton-3