The 6 Sexiest Ads

1. Durex Slide-a-hottie Reveals Epic Hotness

Touting the ever so important slide-ability features of a good quality sexual lubricant, Durex Arabia is out with a game to tout three new products, Tingle, Heat and Pina Colada. The game consists of sliding video panels around on a Dailymotion site until the puzzle is solved. Once solved, treats in the form of hot women are served.

You will like but you have to work for it.

2. Girls (and Irina Shayk) Just Wanna Have Fun

No, really. That’s all they want. They don’t want to be bogged down with the hassle of a career or a commitment to a long term relationship. No. They. Just. Wanna. Have. Fun. Well, at least according to Cyndi Lauper and jewelry brand Morellato which recently hooked up with Russian model Irina Shayk for a new promotional video.

In the video, Irina prances around while enjoying her own beauty in the mirror, caressing her own deliciousness and seductively peering out at the viewer with a sultry look that would make even a seasoned Playboy photographer melt.

3. Lara Stone Does Double Entendre-filled Breast Flesh Fetish-fest

Lara Stone, the model who sports tooth cleavage as well as some of the finest boob cleavage has, again, hooked up with Calvin Klein to tout the brand’s Push Positive lingerie collection and push up bra.

At 32D, Stone doesn’t really need a push up bra but her pushed up 32Ds sure do look good in this new video, part of the just launched ad campaign.

The video, set to the tune of Salt n’ Pepa’s “Push It,” is a double entendre-filled, breast flesh fetish-fest in which Stone thrusts forth her bulging globes of glory while gyrating and asking viewers to “push it good.” And push it it exactly what some will want or need to do after viewing.

4. Bar Refaeli Makes Flight Attendants Hate Their Bodies

This week, after seeing Bar Refaili sporting what has to be the hottest flight attendant get up ever created, we wonder whether or not all flight attendants will become whimpering, self-conscious puddles of flotsam never again able to look at themselves in the mirror.

Perhaps we can help by directing all flight attendants’ frustrations to lingerie brand Passionista which, for a while has, worked with Bar pimping its line of sexy underthings. This time around, Bar can be seen looking for the North Pole… in lingerie, resting her bootyliciousness atop a set of suitcases…in lingerie, deciding upon which destination to embark… in lingerie, flaunting her mouthwatering curves to the moon… in lingerie and, yes, donning what has to be the sexiest flight attendant get up ever created… from lingerie.

5. Michael Buble Is One Happy Man

Canadian singer and actor Michael Buble probably spends all his spare time sitting in his wife, Luisana Lopilato’s, closet rummaging through her collection of lingerie and asking her to model it until he can’t stand it any longer, throws her on the bed and… oh wait… this isn’t Penthouse Forum, this is Playboy’s The Smoking Jacket and we are much more refined preferring instead to focus on the artistic beauty of a woman’s body.

So, for a minute, let’s pretend we’re Michael Buble and give a gander at Luisana in a new ad campaign for Ultimo in which she sports some smokin’ hot lingerie.

Keep it clean, okay?

6. Erin Heatherton Makes Freckles Even Sexier

We all know there’s something incredibly attractive about a woman with freckles. And we all know a supermodel with freckles is just off the charts hot. So it is without surprise that Erin Heatherton looks amazing in these Victoria’s Secret lingerie ads. Leo is most definitely King of the World with a woman like Erin on his arm.


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