The 6 Sexiest Ads in Recent Advertising History


1. Elvis Presley’s Granddaughter Riley Keough is Super Hot in Lingerie Campaign

Sexy Ads

It’s just too easy to say. We’re “all shook up” over a new ad campaign for Australian lingerie brand Bond which is fronted by the very attractive Riley Keough, daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and granddaughter of Elvis Presley.

Admire the incredibly hot Keough in all her fiery redheaded glory below.

Sexy Ads

2. Watch This Phallic Tiger Convince A Guy to Get Laid

Sexy Ads

Maybe it’s just us. Maybe were just really easy. If you’re a guy and you’re at a party and a hot woman sits down next to you and gives you the “do me” look, do you really need to consult a talking phallic tiger for motivation?


We didn’t think so.

But, apparently, the guy in this Tiger energy drink commercial needs a bit of convincing.

3. Push-Up Bra Model Strips to Reveal…OMG!!!

Sexy Ads

Not nearly as elegant as androgynous model Andrej Pejic selling push-up bras for Dutch retailer Hema and — let’s be honest — not really trying, either, Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal employs a bit of a curve ball in this commercial for its own line of push-up bras.

And you have to admit, the “girl” is certainly kind of hot.

4. Penelope Cruz Gives Guys Objects of Desire to Drool Over

Sexy Ads

We all know that lingerie brand Agent Provocateur makes really, really hot video starring super hot supermodels wearing super hot lingerie, right?

Although when we first watched this video created by Penelope Cruz, our eyes rolled and we thought, “Right. Another douchebag wearing sunglasses inside ogling women like he’s shopping for furniture.”

But once we got to the end and the reveal was made, we were perfectly fine with the fact men have a very vivid imagination and a significantly jacked up impression of themselves.

Totally normal.

5. The Little Black Bikini is Still A (Very Sexy) Thing

Sexy Ads

You will very much enjoy this promotional video from Montce swimwear which, thank God, assures all the Little Black Bikini is still a thing.

Shot by BJ Golnick, Maxim Covergirl Dominique Storelli can be seen searching for her misplaced bikini top, frolicking on the beach and then, miraculously, losing her bikini top again. Isn’t it funny how the hotter the girl, the less they like to wear their tops?

Fine by us.

6. Jenny McCarthy Says E-Cigarettes Saved Her Dating Life

Sexy Ads

Jenny McCarthy, who recently unleashed her breasts for Carl’s Jr. can now be seen pimping Blu e-cigarettes in a television campaign breaking August 5.

Making note that while dating “smelling like an ashtray isn’t the ideal aphrodisiac,” McCarthy talks about how smoking e-cigarettes have made her feel better about herself and have eliminated the guilt associated with smoking.

But who really cares what she’s selling All we care about is listening to her hippy dippy Valley Girl voice and staring at her cleavage.