The 6 Sexiest Ads in Recent History

1. Bound, Gagged, Barely Dressed Hotties Get Ford in Big Trouble

Sexy Ads

An ad campaign created by an Indian agency for Ford has come under fire for its creative approach. Three ads, which tout the brand’s Indian-made Ford Figo, feature cartoon characatures of women (and men) bound and gagged in the vehicle’s trunk.

One ad features Paris Hilton along with Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian. A second ad features former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi with three busty women. And a third features Formula One racer Michael Schumacher with three other racers, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso tied up in the back.

While Ford has apologized for the misstep, we kinda like it in a neanderthal sort of way. After all, wouldn’t it be cool to open your trunk and find three hot guys or girls waiting to be rescued? Just think of the fun you could have with that!

Sexy Ads

2. Guys, Shave Your Balls if You Want to Have Sex With Kate Upton

Sexy Ads

Guys, if you had a chance to make it with Kate Upton, you had better play by her rules. And her rules require you to, yes, shave your balls. Ms. Upton appears in a Gillette video saying as much while mastering the art of the Boob Jiggle Chuckle. What’s the Boob Jiggle Chuckle? Watch the video and you’ll find out. And where’s the animated gif? Come on, people. This video is a week old! Get on it!

3. If You Drink Milk, You Will Get Laid by A Water Nymph

Sexy Ads

There’s nothing worse than a sex dream that gets interrupted before, well, you “finish.” So drink milk and get laid by a water nymph. Yea, that’s the message in this commercial for the California Milk Processors Board.

So yea. Drink milk. Get laid. And “finish” your sex dreams. Which, apparently, milk can guarantee if you drink a glass before bed.

4. Old Standby Victoria’s Secret Still Titillating

Sexy Ads

As if we didn’t already know, a few of our favorite Angels can be seen in the latest Victoria’s Secret commercial asking, “What is Sexy?” We know you already know the answer to that question! Still, it’s enjoyable to watch the Angles ponder just about anything.

5. Who Doesn’t Love A Lingerie-Clad Model Walking in Public?

Sexy Ads

In support of Pussy Riot band members who were arrested and sent to prison last year for protesting against Vladimir Putin on the alter of a Moscow cathedral, Bush Lingerie is out with an ad which features a lingerie-clad woman prancing through the streets of Russia. And, yea, that’s basically it. Except for the fact it’s all to raise money to fund one month of care for the band member while they are incarcerated.

6. Planet Fitness Trio of Hotties Makes Woman Feel Like A Loser

Sexy Ads

Nothing is worse that going to the gym only to see a bunch of ripped hotties working out or, worse, salivating over each other’s hotness while you hide underneath your towel for fear of ridicule. Yea, most of us are not in the hottie club. But it’s till fun to watch them do their thing!