The 50 Hottest Babes, According to Some Spanish Magazine


It is always interesting to see whom they’re digging in other countries, no? Who gets the Germans going? Who’s the French fantasy du jour? Who’s all the rage in Russia? Who makes the Taiwanese tick?

Thanks to Delirium Tremens magazine’s “Las 50 Chicas Mas Sexys Del Mundo,” we now know who the Spaniards find special. (Note: The magazine is simply DT; we don’t actually know what it stands for. In our world, DT means delirium tremens — and welcome to our world.)

It’s a fine list, as far as bullshitty lists go. Irina Shayk #1? We can’t argue with that. Sara Carbonero #2? Ok. She’s a very sexy sports reporter — a swarthier Erin Andrews, perhaps — so sexy that she was blamed when Spain lost to Switzerland in the world Cup. Some supporters said that her sexual magnetism distracted boyfriend Iker Casillas. Casillas has been considered the best goalkeeper in the world for three years running. If you can knock him off his game, you are pretty hot.

More of the usual suspects up through #6, which is Amaia Salamanca. Attractive, sure — but here’s the need-to-know: She is famous for starring in a series called Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso, which translates to “Without Tits there is no Paradise.” Truer words were never translated. We like the story of #7, pop singer Edurne: Her career started with a whimper when she came in sixth place on the fourth season of an American Idol-like show. Talentwise, she would be destined to be a footnote; her sexiness, though, saved the day. What do the judges know, anyway?

Explore and enjoy the rest yourselves. (Oh, and before you send us any angry letters: No, the Spanish do not use the number 9 anymore. That is why there is no #9 in this list. It has to do with the metric system and socialism — you have been watching your Glenn Beck, haven’t you?)