The 40 Hottest Instagram Pictures of BBWLA’s Draya Michele

Draya Michele

We’re three episodes into the second season of Basketball Wives LA and the girl are up to their old tricks, whatever those may be. We just know that we follow one of them, Draya Michele, on Twitter (@Drayaface), and she posts some sick bikini shots from time to time. That makes sense, as she has her own swimwear company, Mint Swim. But as for the show — here’s what happened on Monday night:

Jackie’s unique wedding plans and new tattoo raise eyebrows. Also, a phone call to Gloria tests Draya and Jackie’s friendship.

We gotta start watching this — not to see friendships tested by phone calls (seriously, why do Draya and Jackie gotta have beef over Gloria’s phone call?), but to see more Draya.