The 20 Hottest Miss Universe Photos

Miss Universe

The Miss Universe pageant happened Monday Night—no, we’re not going to pretend you watched it. (There was a football game on, for starters.) We’ll give you the need-to-know, “need” being a relative term here.

Winner: Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete. The land of Salma Hayek delivers again—Jimena is truly a babe. Once the final five were announced it was Jimena’s to lose.

Runner-up: Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps. We might not have put Yendi Phillipps in the final five, but for that reason she was an instant sentimental favorite. It didn’t hurt that she was the only one who gave a coherent answer to the question asked (about capital punishment) and did so in a sexy Jamaican accent.

Upsets: Miss Ireland Rozanna Purcell was favored by bookmakers, and with good reason. Both Rozanna and winner Jimena are fierce beauties—either (or both?) would make a hell of a WWE Diva after this whole pageant phase is over. A lackluster score in the evening gowns ended Rozanna’s night and paved the way for Jimena’s lunes gigante. The twiggish Miss Philippines Venus Raj was also highly regarded, but we can’t say we were cheering for her—pretty, but not really hot; cute, but too damn skinny.

Big Bust: Miss USA Rima Fakih, who didn’t make the final 15.

Biggest Bust: Hard to tell from the often-minimizing swimsuits and often-maximizing evening gowns, but we think Miss Ukraine Anna Poslavska won the Boobie Prize out of the final 15. Photographic evidence suggests Miss Bahamas Braneka Bassett had the best rack in the field, but alas she did not make the final 15.

And now, as promised, the 20 hottest photos of 2010 Miss Universe contestants: