The 10 Ways to Drive Mina Stefan Wild

Mina Stefan, model extraordinaire, and representative of all Canadian things sexy, is no stranger to TSJ — remember that time she got in and out of a smoking jacket? Yeah, that was good. So we rang up our sexy lady friend and asked her to tell us her top 10 fave ways for someone to drive her bananas. Bananas in a sexy way. Sexy bananas.

1. Show a little interest in me… then make me chase you

It makes me want you so much more if I have to work a little.

2. Flirt!

Whether it’s a sexy look from across the room or getting up close and personal, a little flirting will make me weak in the knees.

3. Don’t be shy about your interests

As an avid gamer, I love playing marathons of Halo or Boarderlands followed by a more intimate kind of marathon. ;)

4. Kiss the top of my shoulders and neck

The feeling of your lips will send a spark right down below.

5. Be a little rough

I may be tiny but I’m not so fragile. I love a man who will do exactly what he wants with me. Mmm.

6. Grab my ass…

A real grab, like you want to have your way with it.

7. Massage my back with your strong hands

I’ll be melting.

8. Making out like were in high school is the best kind of foreplay

Makes me feel like you can’t wait to have all of me.

9. Pull my hair…

While kissing, or while… you know. ;)

10. Take me out for a delicious and romantic dinner

Oysters, wine, candle light and for dessert — you can have me.


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