Thank God Hitomi Aizawa Is a Country Girl #wednesdaywasabi

Hitomi Aizawa
It’s fall — harvest time. Get off the computer, get away from the Internets, and get out in the country. There are apples to be picked, grain to be threshed and melons to be thumped. Get out there, man, and live your life like a Chevy commercial. Yes, Lenny, you can pet the rabbits all you want.

That’s just what Hitomi Aizawa is doing. She’s up for cavorting with barnyard animals and taking a roll in the hay. She’s in a small swimsuit living off the fat of the land, with tractor beams set to stun. Don’t think about that too hard, John Boy. Does she have a fiddle? When the sun’s coming up does she have cakes on the griddle? This may depend on your definition of “cakes.”

Ain’t Hitomi Aizawa’s life nothing but a funy, funny riddle? I’m on a farm, wearing a bikini in a barn. Who am I? Answer: You are Hitomi Aizawa! Ok, not the funniest riddle ever. But doing the research was enjoyable. Don’t take our word for it — do the research yourself: