Tera Patrick is Hot MILF Action. No, Really, She Is

Tera PatrickSomething happened on Friday that was a very special event in a family’s life. We do not mean in any way to take away from this or de-specialize it. Bringing a child into the world is a wonderful thing, an occasion for joy.

And when the new mom is one of the hottest former porn stars in the world, well, one cannot help but think of all the joy (different kind of joy) she has brought mankind over the years. Yesterday, Tera Patick tweeted this:

I started having contractions at 3:30pm on Friday went in at 2 am gave birth at 5:01am:) she’s 7 lbs 20 inches were so blessed and in love!

Tera is a mommy. That is wonderful. We are really happy for Tera and her baby daddy, artist Tony Acosta Jr., and daughter Sophia.

Wow, enough of the mushy stuff! Let’s have some pictures of Tera in fine form — we won’t say “in her prime” because she’s still completely hot — from terapatrick.com.