Tera Patrick Does a Good Deed

The gorgeous, exotic, brilliant and utterly charming Tera Patrick has worked in high fashion and graced the pages of Playboy and Penthouse. She’s in your fave porns but she’s not just a babe. Tera Patrick’s got a degree in microbiology, she’s worked as a nurse and she’s run her own empires.

Is there anything she can’t do?

No because Tera Patrick is invincible. 

She spent a little time hanging with TSJ. We were grateful. It was good times.


TSJ: How did you get into posing for hot pics?

Tera: I started as a model in 1992 working in fashion and editorial. Traveling to Japan was my first job and I’ve never looked back!! I’m STILL gracing magazine covers and features 20 (gasp!) years later!

TSJ: What defines you?

Tera: My passion. Modeling IS my passion, it is where I started. I enjoy every assignment and opportunity because each brings a new challenge artistically, physically, and even better if I’m headed to an exotic location!!

TSJ: What do fans like best about you?

Tera: My face! My cheekbones, bone structure, legs. Also that I have real long, thick, silky hair and great skin. I am grateful for good genes and my health!

TSJ: What’s the craziest behind-the-scenes of a photo shoot story you’ve got?

Tera: I’ve been chased out of a location by an angry wife, with a knife, lights caught on fire once. And one time a lady was upset I laid on her vintage settee and she yelled at me! So my make-up artist and I paid her back by leaving Brie cheese unopened in her kitchen! We made sure she could never find it!

TSJ: What else do you have going on?

Tera: I finished my second book. It should be published March 2014. It’s a follow up to my first book Sinner Takes All. My exclusive novelty line with Fleshlight is doing amazing. I will be touring again this year with Wizard World and Comic Con indulging my love of Cosplay. My website Terapatrick.com features new updates, including editorial. I perform in Los Angeles with a monthly burlesque show Sultry Sweet Burlesque. I’m launching a new company with my business partner and sister. It’s called Royale Chic and it features bath products, beauty products, clothing, and cooking accessories!

TSJ: What’s an average Saturday night look like?

Tera: My Saturday night is never average!

TSJ: What’s your idea of the perfect date?

Tera: ”Perfect” in my eyes is strength. I admire a man who’s fearless. I’m always down for anything and I like someone who can be as liberated.

TSJ: When do you feel sexiest?

Tera: When I’m being watched. I feel adored, admired.

TSJ: What do men need to know already?

Tera: That we women are simple creatures too. Really! Well those of us who have gratitude are! I just enjoy simple gestures like an embrace, a kiss for no reason, a caress, a surprise visit on my lunch break. I guess in such a hectic world taking the TIME these days to even just call to say I love you means a lot.

TSJ: What qualities drive you wild in a man?

Tera: Strength, integrity, manners. I’m in love with intelligence, too.

TSJ: How do we woo you?

Tera: Oh, I will never tell, then there would be no challenge!

TSJ: If you could go on a date with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

Tera: Frank Sinatra.

TSJ: Surprise us. What don’t we know about you?

Tera: I love to visit museums, any and every kind. I’m a great cook and I have a green thumb. I also love science and science fiction.

TSJ: What’s a great drink?

Tera: Johnnie Walker Blue Label neat. Tanqueray and Tonic water

TSJ: Hottest piece of lingerie?

Tera: Corsets.

TSJ: Guilty pleasure?

Tera: Not much makes me feel guilty!

TSJ: Best destination?

Tera: Japan, Switzerland, Australia, France, or anywhere tropical.

TSJ: Best Netflix moments?

Tera: Anything science, true crime, or documentaries.

Follow her on Twitter @TERA1PATRICK and check out her website www.terapatrick.com