Tehmeena the Pakistani Bride Part II, Plus Bikinis

Tehmeena AfzalTehmeena Afzal released Part II of her “Pakistani Bride” photo shoot today (Part I is here), and they’re a little sexier than yesterday’s pictures. But similar.

So for the sake of variety I’m throwing in another 30 or so recent pictures of her and a video that was literally posted just a couple of hours ago.

She says of her Bridal shoot: “It’s crazy the amount of hate mail I’m getting over these but I’m also getting a lot of support!”

And just a clarification — I asked Tehmeena whether I had correctly summarized her views on her family religion, and it turns out I had not. Here’s what she says about being, or not being, Muslim:

“I am Muslim because that’s the religion I was raised with, but I don’t practice it strictly. I actually believe in all religions. They all stem from the same principles.”

(Henna/Mehndi/Jewelry by Sehers Designs. Clothing by Anarkali’s Khazana. Hair & Makeup by Looks by Jassi.)