Tehmeena Afzal Wants to Be on Your PlayStation 3

Tehmeena AfzalKonsoleKingz.com is a website about urban gaming culture, and it occasionally offers some cool, sexy ways to snazz up your system. The latest is for the PlayStation 3, and features our favorite Pakistani-American princess, Tehmeena Afzal, in some shots taken from a volleyball-themed photo session.

You crude boys can make your little jokes about how the only volleyballs you see are stuffed into Tehmeena’s bikini top. Hardy har har. We’re not going to go there. We’re going to keep this dialogue elevated. Because there’s a first time for everything.

Here’s some footage of the shoot happening, and it’s some must-see YouTube TV for sure:

How do you get this magnificent woman on your PlayStation 3? Using your system, you access the PlayStation store, then navigate your way to the add-ons section, and there it shall be. As the Kingz say in their blog post about the release, “This sporty dynamic theme comes with 11 auto-rotating, zooming photos and custom icons.”

Below are some images from the console shoot. And seeing as Tehmeena is such a relentless force of photo sexiness, we’ve also included a few she sent us that we didn’t have a chance to post. These are from a shoot titled “The Pakistani Princess Reveals her Temple” and we are thinking that is a metaphor. (Those photos are by Tehmeena’s constant collaborator Felix Natal Jr.)

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