Miss Social Tehmeena Afzal Is Sofa Queen Sexy

At the end of May, Playboy’s Miss Social crowned a new winner: Tehmeena Afzal. She’s a Pakistani-American daughter of Muslim immigrant parents; she likes to make sexy videos for her favorite sports teams; and she can sell the crap out of a Nissan. Now, in the home stretch of her month-long reign, the Tweeter known as @MISSMEENA answers some very tough questions.

You’ve entered Miss Social before, what did you do differently this time around that helped you win?

I participated in every challenge even though I secured a spot in the finals in the 1st week. Also I came in runner up in April and ran in may to keep the momentum.

What would you like to say to your fans who helped you win?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I could not have won this without their support.

You also have some haters — what would you say to these angry and confused people who say you’re a bad Muslim or a disgrace to Pakistan?

Love me or leave me alone. It’s funny because they call me “disgrace” yet they still go out of their way to look at my photos and videos and take the time out of their lives to leave their comments about me.

You have done some themed photo shoots for your favorite sports teams, and the Pakistani bride — what’s next? Are we going to get another Mets video or pictures this year?

I pretty much covered all my ny teams with my tribute videos. I might try other sports but nothing team specific this year. Next year I will.

Now that you’ve won, would you like to endorse anyone for next month’s Miss Social?

I have too many girls I know running and wish them all luck!

I understand Miss Social gets to do a Playboy photo shoot, nude if she wants — here’s the million-dollar question: will you be going nude in yours?

Most of my longtime fans know the answer to that: No, I like to leave something to the imagination.

(Credits: Photographs by Felix Natal Jr., hair and makeup by Brenda Clark @mybellevie, jewelry and accessories by hotbabeboutique.com, special thanks to Juan at Zarco Lounge.)