Monday Mailbox: Tehmeena Afzal Gets Friendly With a Nissan

Imagine our delight when we received an e-mail that went sort of (but not really) like this:

“Dear Girlwatcher,

Hi, it’s your best friend Tehmeena! As you know, I work at a Nissan dealership, and I wear tiny swimsuits. I had this idea — I will wear my tiniest swimsuit and pose with Nissan’s most expensive car, the GT-R. I’ve made a video, and it’s smokin’ hot.

When I made this video, I was totally thinking of you, and your readers.

I will release the video when I get to 9,000 followers on my Twitter account, @MISSMEENA.

Until then, enjoy these pictures. And let’s go bowling again! That was so much fun.



Again, that was not really the text of the e-mail, but it was most certainly the subtext. (Which, as we learned in college, is just as good.) If you recall her New York Giants video, you know she moves quite well. Follow her on Twitter if you want more. It don’t cost nothin’.

Here are the pictures.