Tehmeena Afzal Pumps up Her Giants, Plus Bonus Marie Storm Pics

Sports fan Tehmeena Afzal, whom you may remember from last Friday, has made a special video tribute to her beloved New York Football Giants. There are two flags on the play.

Tehmeena Afzal is charged with unnecessary, flagrant and improbable underboob. Fifteen yards and loss of down.

You, the viewer, are charged with excessive celebration.

Those penalties will offset.

Touchdown, Tehmeena Afzal.

BONUS: Keen readers will recall from our feature on Marie Claude Bourbonnais we were all jazzed about her Invisible Girl costume yet we only had one small photo. (It was a very nice photo of her cleavage, but still.) We said we’d share more pictures when we had them, and she recently sent us a few. Et voila:

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