Tehmeena Afzal Boosts Her Giants in Body Paint

Tehmeena AfzalTehmeena Afzal likes to support her New York sports teams — we’ve seen her here paying tribute to the Rangers and the Mets, and she also did a video for the Giants that YouTube has deleted.

Well she’s back and sporty again, this time in body paint that vaguely resembles a Giants uniform. We have a feeling we will get this in video form before too long — we’ll post it here or perhaps on our Tumblr feed — but for now we have these pictures fresh from Tehmeena herself. And what the hell, we’ll throw in a recent boobtastic shoot from Aruba as well, because it’s boobtastic.

(Football pictures shot by Brenda Clark; Aruba pics shot by Jason Margarita.)

Over to you, New England–any sexy Pats fans want to answer the challenge?