Taylor Vixen Is Everybody’s All-Everything

Taylor Vixen

Recently, Twistys.com announced its Treat of the Year, and for girlwatchers everywhere she was a familiar (and hardly surprising) face: Taylor Vixen. This latest nudie-modeling honor joins Penthouse Pet of the Year and 40th Anniversary Penthouse Pet on a resume that screams “I look really good naked.” Naturally, we have some questions for her on this subject, and she was courteous enough to answer. The photo gallery at the bottom of this page is courtesy Twistys.com.

You’re Twisty’s Treat of the year 2012 and Penthouse Pet of the Year 2010. Why didn’t you win anything in 2011? Slacker.

Haha, I wanted to shoot for multiple companies during that year, but I did become a Twistys Treat of the Month march 2011 and was featured in a lot of amazing films!

Seriously, though, with these two titles you’re affirmed as one of the hottest women on the planet. Or one of the hottest on the internet. Or one of the hottest naked women. Are you comfortable with all this hotness — do you go through your daily life thinking, fuck, I am hot!

Sometimes I wonder what it is people like about me, but I see it in all my scenes and pictures. I’m the ultimate girl next door!

Were you the hot girl in high school?

I was the cute cheerleader.

What do you think is the reaction of people who knew you way back when?

They’re definitely surprised at what I do!

Were you sexually active or adventurous in high school? Could you foresee yourself as the kind of girl who might one day be naked all over the place and loving it?

I was not crazy sexually active. I was more into that once I hit 20!

As you know, TheSmokingJacket is a by-product of Playboy. Did you ever try out for Playmate?

I never tried for Playboy — I went straight to the dirty stuff! I’m too horny! But I love the Playboy style and the magazine.

What was your first modeling job?


Not to pick you apart too much, but the word on the street that your breasts get a lot of acclaim for being, well, something close to perfect. Is there anything you’d like to say about them regarding this prestigious honor?

I do have some lovely boobs! Sometimes they get in my way when I’m sleeping, but I can manage.

Since becoming a nude model and joining the “sex industry”… how has your opinion of men changed? Have you become more sympathetic or do you find us more depraved?

I don’t film with guys on camera so nothing has really changed. When it comes down to it there are a lot of amazing men out there.

You’ve got a real girl-next-door quality — you may call yourself Vixen but we’re afraid you look more like a sweetheart. Are you conscious of being both the good girl and the bad girl at the same time?

I chose the last name Vixen to stand out and of course it didn’t go along with “girl next door” but people know my name. And I am a good girl! Ha ha.

You’re doing a bit of girl-girl porn now. Let’s talk about that. Did you have sexual experiences with girls before this phase of your career, and if so how far did it go?

Yes I did! I love girls. I have had too many off camera to explain!

Off camera, are you straight?

I’m bi.

What girls have you gotten your sweaty little hands on so far — and do you have a favorite?

So many. I love Gianna Michaels’ big boobs!

Who do you want to get your sweaty little hands on but haven’t — yet?

Mmmmmmmm too many to choose. All of them.

How does the sex with a woman compare to sex with a man? Who’s better at what?

With men you get good rough hard sex with women you get soft sensual sex. I get the best of both worlds!

Will you go boy-girl someday?

Never say never.

What is the least sexy thing you do?

Mop! Looks funny. I mop like a crazy person.

Finally, with all the craziness of this business you’re in — well, at least what you do every day seems crazy to us civilians — what is the most bizarre thing you’ve ever encountered?

Nothing seems too amazing me anymore. There’s too many stories, but this one time a fan told me “I will never make you cry… Only at our child’s birth.” Creeeeeepy!