Taylor Stevens Discusses Stanley Cup Boobs

Taylor StevensOn Wednesday night, the L.A. Kings and New Jersey Devils faced off in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup. The game was in Los Angeles, at the Staples Center, and the Kings were up 3-0. Get out the broom, hockey fans were thinking, here comes the sweep.

On top of it all, Devils coach Peter de Boer had to deal with the enormous breasts of Taylor Stevens staring him right in the eye when he turned to his left. Taylor’s giant jugs (contained by a white tank top) were visible though the glass, and the TV cameramen knew it, and so did de Boer. This caused a lot of snickering and Ooo-la-la-ing.

And yet, The Devils won. If Taylor was planted there to break de Boer’s concentration, that plan failed. On Saturday, the Devils won again, bringing the series to Kings 3, Devils 2. Tonight, we’re back in L.A.

Let’s get the story from Taylor herself:

Did you go to the game with the intention of causing a scene behind the Devils’ bench?

No! I went to see the Kings hoist the cup. I drove from Vegas to LA to be here for a few events and a fan of mine had bought me tickets to the game off my wish list, and they just happened to be right behind the Devils’ bench. I had no idea it would be this crazy. Its been nuts. DeBoer is a great sport about it though. His comments were awesome.

Did you dress any differently for the game than you do in your daily life?

Nope, I wasn’t about to dress super fancy for the hockey game. I dressed sexy casual as usual and was sporting silver and black for LA right down to the boots and up to the earrings. This is how I always dress. I like to look good and feel good. It was fun.

Do you think that use of boobs in sports is cheating? Or should there be more of it?

Let’s be honest — anyone who loves sports knows that boobs will not be enough to distract players from winning and especially at the Stanley Cup Finals. Besides, the Kings didn’t need me as a distraction, they are a great team. I love seeing women be sexy in sports but I understand it can be distracting. But if you’re a player and you love sports like I do then you know when you play you see nothing but the end result of winning the game. I’m all for boobies, though — sexy sports girls rock !

How much did the Kings pay you?

Haha — nothing! They don’t need me as a distraction. They are an amazing team; it’s unprecedented in playoff hockey for a team to only lose three games. They are a great team and deserve to win. There was no paying, and if there was they would want their money back since Jersey won.

Ok, but did they offer to fly you to New Jersey for Saturday’s Game 5?

It would have been impossible for me to get to Jersey on Saturday; I had committed to too many events here in LA. But I’ll be there tonight for Game 6 at the Staples Center — same seats!

Do you think your boobs could help your beloved Maple Leafs?

I think the Leafs could use all the help they can get. These boobs have been dubbed “inspirational” and I know I can fire up a team. Give me ten minutes in the locker room with those boys in Blue — get your minds out of the gutter — and maybe my pep talk can light a fire under their asses.

There was an odd tag trending on Twitter that night, #putemontheglass, which seems to refer to this sort of situation. Will you be putting em on the glass in the future?

Damn right I will! I love having fun and I think that’s awesome.

A lot of sites are calling you a “porn star” which usually means a person who has sex with other people on camera, which you don’t actually do. Would you like to clarify — do you think the label “porn star” is accurate?

I mean definitely. I do solo work; I don’t do hardcore pornography, guy/girl, and haven’t branched out into girl/girl — yet. But it’s nude, it’s fun, I’m on cam live and bouncy. I have posed for several adult magazines. I think there are girls in this industry who have done a lot more to earn the title of pornstar than I have, but I love being in this industry. I am an adult model and webcam star, who happens to be a solo porn star! I’m always live and bouncy at www.playwithtay.com and you can see all my goodies at www.taystevens.com.

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