Merry Maker Tay Stevens Might Just Lick Cancer

Tay StevensJust about a year ago, I wrote a bittersweet post about the web babe Taylor (Tay) Stevens — see, she’d been diagnosed with a very nasty cancer, here’s the post on it.

And now? She’s hanging in there, that’s all I know. In one surprisingly upbeat post on her blog ( she listed the positives from her traumatic year, among them: showers are very brief since she has no body hair (thanks to chemo), she doesn’t gain weight (since she never has an appetite), nobody criticizes her if she sleeps in, and she has a prescription for medical marijuana. Not to get too sappy, but if you’ve got cancer like she does and you can spin it like that, you’re very strong. On a more serious note, here’s how she describes her state of mind:

“Its been a year full of hospitals, pain, chemotherapy, radiation but also a year of strength, faith and hope. You guys have been there for me and I know you will continue to be there for me through this ordeal. You all know me, I don’t quit, its not in my blood. I was born a fighter and will continue to fight.”

Today, as a matter of fact, is not the best for her. Her latest tweet (@TAYSTEVENS) is “@ hospital not feeling good today.”

I think if Tay were standing next to me she’d say at this point (if not earlier), “Stop writing about my fucking cancer!” Ok, I will. On a happier note, here’s what she has to say about Christmas:

Have you been naughty or nice this year?

Oh, come on now, I’m always naughty but that’s a good thing. I’m naked half the time — but who decides what’s naughty? I did line up with the kids to sit on Santa’s lap for a picture in the mall — that’s naughty, right? I have to say I’m a bit of both. I think by being my naughty little self I’m being extra nice. I like being naughty so the lucky Santa can spank me. I’m always nice, so why not try the naughty thing, right?

What do you want most for Christmas?

For me I’ve been battling cancer for over a year now, it was in fact Christmas eve that I got diagnosed with cancer. I would love to be cancer-free — unfortunately, that’s not really in the cards right now, so I just hope to be healthy enough to continue doing my thing: modelling, webcamming and meeting my fans at conventions. I just got nominated for XBIZ Web Babe of the Year — I would love to win that. And if we’re talking material things — well, I’d like to add to my Louboutin collection for sure!

What is your favorite food at Christmas?

Well, I absolutely love to eat. I used to be 300 pounds, so I love my food. Since I got sick I lost even more weight, so I take pleasure in eating when I can. I like it to go straight to my assets lol. Im palestinian so we have some arabic food that my mom makes at xmas which is soo good but i love my protein so I love a good turkey and ham mmmm so yummy. I like a good full table of mashed potatoes,gravy, cranberries and of course gingerbread cookies !! My favourite. My dad and I used to make gingerbread houses when I was young.

[That's not an exaggeration -- she really was 300 pounds. Tay had a first go-round as a plumper, then lost weight and became a mainstream model. --Ed.]

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?

Yes. I avoid malls this time of year — its crazy — so for me it’s either gift cards or things I’ve bought throughout the year with people in mind. I have a great memory and I travel a lot so I make sure to get people something special. I’m a little OCD, so being prepared early is good for me. I figure if I run out of ideas I’ll just tie a ribbon around me and give that to someone special.

What is your favorite Christmas song?

Well to be honest I’m not into Christmas carols really — they drive me nuts — but I have been known to do some sexy vids and renditions of “Santa Baby.”

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Definitely A Christmas Carol and Home Alone — wait, did you mean x-rated? I’ve made plenty of those myself.

What is your best memory of Christmas?

Well my best memory was my last Christmas with my dad, he passed when I was 6. The year before, I remember wanting a Nintendo sooo bad and he wrapped up all these empty boxes and I went through all of them and found nothing — then I got my Nintendo. He was so happy so was I. I miss him a lot. We also built this fort and got into a huge snowball fight with our neighbors; needless to say we won. I grew up with three brothers — I’m a sports girl and I know how to throw.

What do you look forward to most at Christmas?

Putting smiles on people’s faces. I love being naughty on cam for my fans I love giving to everyone. I love seeing people smile and laugh; we don’t do it often enough. I love spending quality time with a few close friends family and my doggies. I definitely look forward to eating a lot.

What are you doing for Christmas this year?

I have a super busy January ahead of me so I am just spending some quality time with friends and my doggies.

Who do you want to kiss under the mistletoe?

Well if I could I’d have Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, Oliva Wilde, and Kim Kardashian like all together a big huge makeout session. But if not I’ll settle for a nerdy cutie — I have a thing for nerds.

What kind of Christmas tree do you have?

I have a cute pink — yes I said pink — Christmas tree. It’s got pink decorations too. I love pink and I’m a huge girly girl, and when I found it I just grabbed it. It was the last one.

Have you ever had a white Christmas?

Always! I live in Toronto, Canada, and it always snows here. I’m not a fan of the cold, but the snow is gorgeous when it falls, and if it falls at Christmas it just makes things seem perfect. Snowball fights and naked snow angels here I come!

Do you still get a stocking?

Yes although this one might not hang from a fireplace — it might very well hang from somewhere else! I do get one and it’s full of a few of my favorite things.

How many Christmas cards do you normally send out?

Oh I send out tons! I send a naughty Christmas card to all my fans who are a part of my free fanclub — they get a naughty Santa’s helper.

What is your Christmas wish?

I hope everyone is happy and healthy, and enjoys their Christmas and their loved ones, and that they count their blessings and try not to forget what Christmas really is about. I also hope that all the hot girls dress up in sexy Santa stuff for their men and have a good romp in the sack. Nothing says Christmas like tinsel stuck to your butt.

Here are some pictures of Tay being festive — and delivering her special inspirational non-festive message: “Fuck Cancer.”