Tuesday Totty: Tanya Tate as Superheroes, Plus April O’Neil

comic conYesterday we gave you a contest — spot the porn stars in costume from San Diego Comic Con — and we’re happy to report that we have a couple of winners.

Congrats to D.V. Ader for identifying porn star April O’Neil, who was dressed as April O’Neil of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

comic con cosplay girls

Here’s a great video from G4TV where Kevin Pereira interviews April and model/actress Nikki Griffin:

(Alas, we were not able to find pictures of Nikki as Ms. Marvel.)

And congrats to DC who picked out Tanya Tate as Electra-woman from the 70’s Krofft TV show Electra-woman and Dyna Girl (which we can’t say we remember, but who are we to doubt Tanya):

comic con cosplay girls

Tanya Tate, as it so happens, is British, which makes her a fit subject for this Totty Tuesday cosplay continuation extravaganza. Enjoy these pictures lifted from her totally SFW costume blog JustaLottaTanya.com. And why not make this one a contest too — can you ID the heroes Tanya is dressed as? We’ve already given you Electra-woman, what about the other five?: