Susan Wayland Does Catwoman a la Pfeiffer

As we mentioned before, we do not think Anne Hathaway was born to play Catwoman. As you may remember we threw out the idea that Mandy Morbid, who’s kind of like a punk Anne Hathaway with huge boobs, would have been a better fit.

In an apparent coincidence, our friend Susan Wayland (German fetish babe, she did Oktoberfest in latex) thinks she’d make a pretty good Catwoman. And you’ll get no argument here — this is some sexy stuff. On her choice of the old(er)-school Batman Returns costume, she says:

“Michelle Pfeiffer was always a great inspiration for me since my youth. I enjoyed jumping into her role, swinging the whip and walking around the freight depot like Catwoman. Roar.

She is Susan, hear her roar, in black latex too shiny to ignore.

(Catch more SWay at her blog