Susan Wayland Goes Down Below

Susan Wayland

Back in the cold war days, professional wrestling was very politically aware. Okay, sort of politically aware. And when the American hero tag team would come into the ring, the National Anthem would play and flags would wave. And then you’d have the dudes from the Iron Curtain, who’d march in looking very humorless and forcing everyone to listen to their dreadful national music. Boooo went the crowd, boooooooo!

Our fetish friend Susan Wayland sent us these pictures (remember her, from Oktoberfest? Mmm, beer) taken in a Russian sub and we thought, perfect! After all these celebrations of America, from patriotic porn stars to Colie Jacks in hats, and even some Canadian booty, what this page needs is a stern reminder of the Evil Empire.

A German woman in a Russian submarine? Oh, ve haff vays off makink you look!

Except, well, Germany is a good guy these days. (Quiet down, Greece, nobody asked you.)

And Russia — are we really afraid of a Russian submarine attack? We’re more afraid of crossing the Russian mafia or getting caught in a staring contest with Vlad Putin.

But kids, this stuff used to be scary. Hunt for Red October, Dr. Strangelove, Red Dawn, all that — Wolverines!

Now it’s just sexy. Enjoy it tovarisch (and get more Susan at