Sunny Leone Is the Hottest Thing on Indian Reality TV

Sunny Leone

What happens when a Canadian-born porn star and Penthouse Pet of Indian descent sneaks onto the set of socially-conservative India’s Big Brother—like TV show? Well, it’s playing out as we speak; two weeks ago Sunny Leone joined the Bigg Boss house and has been trying to use her charisma and feminine wiles to avoid being bounced. So far, so good.

What’s interesting is that while the TV viewers know she’s a porn star, her house-mates don’t; she has described herself simply as an “actress,” and it’s my understanding that none of her fellow shut-ins has recognized her. Outside the Bigg Boss house walls, though, it’s another story: Sunny reportedly became the most-Googled person in India and is picking up Twitter followers like crazy.


If you’d like to follow the action, visit the official Bigg Boss website — but if you’re more interested in pictures of Sunny in bikini and underwear, we’ve got you covered: