Sunny Leone’s Bollywood Movie ‘Jism Two’ Is Out, Best Part Is Sunny Leone

Hooray, the Bollywood movie starring no-longer-secret-porn-star Sunny Leone is out! This is her acting debut in mainstream Indian cinema. In Bollywood films there may be a lot of sexual overtones, and the lovely Indian ladies wear form-hugging clothing and bikinis — but there is never, ever, ever any sex or explicit nudity. (This is what we’re told about Indian cinema, anyway — feel free to correct us in the comments section if we’re wrong.) Thus many of Sunny’s on-camera skills, honed to perfection during her years in porn, aren’t needed. She is an actress, acting, saying lines and such. She also happens to be maybe THE most popular woman in India now, certainly THE most Googled — funny how that works. Here’s the trailer for the movie, which is called — we did not make this up — Jism 2:

So how’d she do? The Hollywood Reporter says “The most controversial Hindi film of the year is also the worst, featuring the Bollywood debut of porn star Sunny Leone and spurring Indian mobs to burn an effigy of director Pooja Bhatt in protest,” and adds, “It would be understandable if a similar mob of disgruntled movie critics is planning to do the same.”

Pfft. What do they know? With all their Hollywood reports. This is Bollywood, and besides, there are more important things than quality in the film industry. Here’s how the Hindustan Times prefers to report on the film:

“Sunny Leone’s Jism 2 rakes in moolah”

Here are some pictures from the film, which aims to be scandalous by Indian standards. What it may lack in plot is seems to make up in pure Sunny goodness. Here’s to a long career.

And here’s a song from the movie…