Sunny Leone: India, This Could Be Your Sexual Revolution

Sunny Leone

Last time we posted about her, Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone had snuck onto an Indian reality show called Bigg Boss (it’s their Big Brother) and early reception was positive.

Five months later, Sunny is still there; she has reportedly become a resident of the country, has filmed a TV commercial for condoms, and is shooting her first mainstream Indian movie, Jism 2.

We are not making that up; it’s called Jism 2 and it is not a porno. It must mean something different in Hindi.

Here’s what makes this story very weird: There is no porn in India. Well, you can own it and watch it, but you can’t make it, so perhaps we should say there is no domestic porn industry in India. There are no home-grown Indian porn stars to speak of. In Bollywood movies, kissing is risque and sex scenes, even without nudity, are beyond the pale. If you’re a porn star looking to get into mainstream work, the Indian film industry seems like it would be a tough nut to crack.

And yet — there is such an abundance of devastatingly beautiful Indian women, and they pose in bikinis and are sex symbols in every way except the sex or nudity part. And if you were to track the consensus World’s Most Beautiful Woman, the name at the top of the list for the first decade of the twentieth century would probably have been Aishwarya Rai.

India may not have porn or kissing in Bollywood movies, but the country has a rabid appreciation for beautiful women. This isn’t the Middle East; Indian women tend to be modest but they’re not made to wear hijab or burkhas. There has got to be sexual tension lurking beneath the surface — it may be the wholesome missionary-position type of sexual tension but we’re sure it’s there.

(Ok, we know it’s there. Try Googling “Savita Bhabhi” sometime.)

And now — Sunny Leone, Canadian-born Sikh porn star, invades condom ads:

According to this meaningless poll, published today, she is Bollywood’s hottest newcomer.

Here she is on the cover of FHM, getting kinda close to being naked:

What does it all mean? Well, it’s like your mother said about the new kid in school: You think you don’t like him, but you don’t even know him. Get to know him and he might turn out to be a decent guy.

India is rapidly and enthusiastically getting to know a porn star — the first they’ve ever gotten to know — and she is turning out to be a most decent girl.