Mystery Model Suki Rides Shotgun in a Ford Raptor; Jiggling Ensues

SukiWho is Suki?

Wait, what’s a Ford Raptor?

Forget that — a Ford Raptor is a truck of some sort. Suki is a model of some sort who in the videos below goes riding in a Ford Raptor and it’s a juggy good time for all (as it was in a post you may remember, “Riding in Cars With Boobs, Starring Gisele”). But who is she? We don’t know — some on the YouTube page suggested April O’Neil, a porn star who is also gifted in the chest and has a bit of a bad tooth, but we don’t think it’s April. We’ve gone through many of our usual resources without any result. So Suki, for now, is a mystery.

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