Appreciate the Booty of International Woman Suelyn Medeiros

Suelyn Medeiros

Did you know yesterday was a special day? It was Booty Appreciation Day, at least on Twitter. Far as we can tell it started with this Tweet by user @KattWilllliams (who is not the comedian Katt Williams):

#bootyappreciationday – aka Black, latina, and mixed females day. All white girls and Asians please use nearest exit. ==>

(We keep track of this sort of thing on Twitter @grlwtchr — so you don’t have to!)

Before you could say “make it clap,” photos of well-turned rumps were flying this way and that on Twitter photo sites Plixi, YFrog, SexyPeek and the like. We saw a lot of favorites, but we’ll call attention to one in particular:

Suelyn Medeiros, often known simply as Suelyn, who posted a few lovely booty shots on her @ILUVSUELYN Twitter feed (pictures that YFrog promptly deleted). She’s — uh, what? A hip hop video girl? An actress? We read that somewhere — possibly at her official site,, although we can’t verify it because the site has been partially hacked.

(Way to go, losers, how very y2k of you. Here’s your attention, T0r3x and StRoNiX, now that you have been publicly recognized as l33t haXorz will you please put it back how it was? Some of us are trying to use the internet for its intended purpose. Like looking at ass.)

Whatever job(s) she may have, Suelyn is most certainly a magazine model, and one blessed with what Brazilians call “bumbum.” Which is logical seeing as she’s Brazilian (well, born in NYC to Brazilian parents).

So appreciate Suelyn and her booty already (tip of the cap to ShowGirlzExclusive, temple of booty worship). If you’re not a booty man, you can appreciate her as an international woman, seeing as today is International Women’s Day. Either way — winning!