Hot Babe Mud Wrestling: Suelyn Medeiros vs. Bar Refaeli

Suelyn Medeiros Bar RefaeliSo this image has been getting a little attention over at TMZ:

Suelyn Medeiros and Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli went to the Dead Sea and slathered icky mud all over her body, which is something Suelyn Medeiros has also done, and — BOOM! — we’ve got a news story. It’s a very flimsy news story, sort of like Us Magazine’s “who wore it better?” and TMZ got the order of events backward — but we all know flimsy things are fun. Flimsy bikinis, for example.

So who did wear it better? For context here are a couple more pictures of Bar:

Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli

And a different one of Suelyn:

Suelyn Medeiros

Survey says? Well, out of nearly 90,000 votes, Suelyn has a six point lead on Bar as of this writing.

Congrats, Suelyn, you’ve just defeated the SI Swimsuit supermodel who bumped uglies with Leo DiCaprio for several years. How about a victory lap of other hot Tweeted photos? Very well then: