Girl on Girl: Stephy C and Jessica Vaugn

Stephy C

Girl on Girl is a weekly feature in which the lovely Jessica Vaugn interviews a fellow sexy model. This week, she sits down with Stephy C…

Playboy first introduced this all natural, girl next door, Stephy C, in the Girls of the Big 10 feature back in October, 2008. Since then, we’ve been following her career with Playboy in College Girls (January, 2008 and January, 2010), Natural Beauties (October, 2009), Cyber Girl of the Week (October, 2009), Natural Beauties (April, 2010), Sexy 100 (Spring, 2010), Top Party Schools (May, 2010), Cyber Girl Xtra (September, 2010) and Hot Buns (November, 2010).

After all those features, we still can’t get enough of this sweetly shy girl! At 24 years old, Steph lives in Indiana and is a full time model. You might be able to spot her on the highway or US airports- she’s always traveling for more shoots!

Though she is tiny (5’2”), she is mighty (32D-25-37.5). With killer curves like hers, we can’t stop starting! Steph also has a bachelors degree in broadcast journalism. Come on, you know you’d watch more local news if she was your newscaster!

The first time I met Steph, it was at a shoot in St. Louis, Missouri. (That’s right, there are sexy pictures of Stephy C and Jessica Vaugn posing together out there!) She is so cute I just wanted to pinch her cheeks when I met her. Okay, fine, I wanted to pinch her butt too, but we didn’t know each other very well at that point. Hopefully this interview will fix that.

What are the things a guy might do or say to blow a first date with you?

If he didn’t say anything at all, that would be bad. I like guys that are outgoing and can hold a conversation. On the other hand, if all he did was talk, talk, talk, that would suck as well, especially if it was only about himself. I enjoy a good balance of talking and listening, especially when first getting to know someone. As for specifics, he would blow it if he said pug dogs are ugly, he hates the Chicago Bears, or he thinks models are dumb.

Do you tell a guy what you want in bed, or are you more the quiet type?

I am shy about that stuff initially. If it’s my first time with someone, I probably wouldn’t say anything. But if it was really bad, I would definitely try to spice things up and try to show him what I like and/or encourage him audibly if he is doing something well.

What’s the sluttiest outfit you ever had to wear on a shoot?

I have TONS of sexy slutty stuff that looks hot in photos! Crotchless panties, cupless bras, the tiniest thong bikini ever, various leather goods (corsets, collars, cuffs, etc.), latex clothing, and who could forget those glorious clear plastic heels?

What is “your thing” in bed?

I enjoy being choked at times, though I don’t think that’s too unusual. I also like when someone bites my ear (lightly).

Seeing as how you have 10 earrings, there’s a lot to bite into! Any exciting celebrity encounters you wish to share?

I’ve met a few, but one of my favorites was Wilmer Valderrama. I met him at a friend’s party. I was hoping he would be as funny as his character, and he definitely was, if not more so. He and a few buddies had something called “manada de lobos” (The Wolf Pack). To be initiated, you had to drink a shot of dark Bacardi. I became a member with a gold star!

Any celebrity crushes?

Tyson Beckford and Eva Mendes!

What’s your favorite part of a man’s body?

Teeth and smile, also a sucker for a strong muscled back!

What’s something we would be surprised to hear about you?

Not everyone knows that I used to ride horses. I showed competitively for 10 years and I loved it! My favorite course was Hunter Hack in the English saddle. It was a lot of fun and I still have three horses at my parent’s house.

Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?

In a Civil War bunker at a national park during the daytime.

Any obsessions?

I love cookies. My favorite kind is probably white chocolate macadamia nut. I like regular chocolate chip as well, especially if there are nuts in them. I really like nuts. But I’m not obsessed! I guess I’m also obsessed with being clean. I can’t stand feeling dirty and gross anywhere on my body. I carry around hand sanitizer, alcohol swabs and baby wipes. You never know when you might need them!

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