StefunnyC’s Hotness Is No Laughing Matter

StefunnyCName yourself “Stefunny” and people can only assume you think you are funny. Perhaps you’ve even been told you are funny. We don’t know StefunnyC but we’ve seen her modeling work before and wondered whether she really is funny. Is she quirky funny, or weird funny, or witty funny, or truly funny funny?

Perhaps sometime she will come on our site and answer our lame-ass questions and then we shall know. Until then, here’s the sort of thing we have to go on:


Could it be that StefunnyC is sideboob funny? That doesn’t even make any sense. In our world, sideboob is not funny at all; quality sideboob is Masterpiece Theater, abstract expressionist painting, The Economist, and the novels of Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Sideboob is to be studied, appreciated, pondered, intellectualized and even on occasion worshipped — but never laughed at.

Here’s a video of StefunnyC by our friend Kaloopy. It neither proves nor disproves her funniness, but it does confirm her Masterpiece Sideboob in a couple places.

And here, pictures: