Hot Girls Drinking Starbucks: Alysha Nett and Colie Jacks

Colie Jacks

We think about Starbucks coffee a lot. This is probably because we consume it like fuel to get us through our day.

We also were fairly amused by the recent campaign called Dump Starbucks, in which some sort of angry anti-gay-marriage people tried started a boycott against Starbucks because the company requires you to get gay-married in order to buy a skinny latte. Dump Starbucks collected 30,000 backers. Well done, angry boycotters! But the opposing campaign, Pump Starbucks, is at 643,000 backers so you lose. Ha!

But mostly we think about Starbucks a lot because we sit on the Twitter all day long reading the brain droppings of the hottest women in the world, and one thing we’ve learned is hot women drink a lot of Starbucks. Models, actresses, porn stars, Playboy Playmates, Penthouse Pets, cam girls, what have you — they are constantly tweeting about their need for Starbucks, their journeys to Starbucks, and the kind of Starbucks coffee they order.

Alysha Nett posted a coffee-picture on her Tumblr page a few days ago and wondered how many others she had. Turns out she had 13. This reminded us of another coffee-swilling beauty, Colie Jacks — or @colie_jacks, it may not even be her real name — who says on her Tumblr page: “I’m not a model. I just love showing off.” She tends to laze about the house in states of undress, enjoying her joe, and occasionally tweets a #heyplayboy or #friskyfriday picture but is pretty much still a cult phenomenon.

Alysha Nett (@alyshanett), professional alt model; Colie Jacks (@colie_jacks), homebody — two extremely sexy coffee drinkers you should know. We hope to see one or both of them back on this site real soon.