Stacy Keibler — Is Clooney Hitting This?

Stacy KeiblerSo say published reports. Clooney that old dog moves on from Elisabetta Canalis to former WWE vixen Stacy Keibler. Life is rough.

What can you do? Just shake your tiny fist at the sky and yell, “Clooooney!!!” That’s what we’re doing.

If he is hitting it, we hope he is hitting it from behind now and then. We don’t mean that in any sleazy way, it’s just — it’s a nice behind, and she knows it. A woman doesn’t pose for pictures like this if she’s not proud of her bum:

Stacy Keibler

Does this mean he will go to wrestling events? That would be kind of funny, to see Clooney hobnobbing (or attempting to) with Triple H and John Cena. He’s calling up Matt Damon and Brad Pitt every weekend asking them if they wanna go to WWE Raw and they’re like “Sorry George, can’t make it this time, I got a thing…”

You know what? It is really hard to make jokes at George Clooney’s expense. Just doesn’t work. We’re going to try that fist-shaking thing again.