Spend 2013 with Christine Mendoza, Justene Jaro and Joselyn Cano

Joselyn CanoThe barbershop business is a good one to be in — after all, most people have hair, and those people prefer to get their hair cut by someone who knows wht they’re doing. I.e., a barber.

(This despite the best efforts of Ron Hunt, inventor of the revolutionary Flowbee home haircutting system.)

Rosewood Cutters is a barbershop established in 1954 in Bellflower, California, but it’s much more than that — they’ve got their own line of apparel and through a pretty cool website they keep track of fashion trends and limited-edition swag. Their products and picks reflect a mix of urban L.A. style, skateboarding culture, and a clear yearning to be in Brooklyn. Rosewood Cutters now has a second location in Buena Park, as well as a calendar full of sexy import models in bikinis.

What was that last part? Oh yes, the sexy import models in bikinis. That’s why they’re on this here page, because we have pictures from the shoots, done in the shop, that made the 2013 Rosewood Cutters calendar, by master babe photographer Rey Trajano.

Really, did you think we were going to write just about a barbershop? Shit, we’ve been on the Flowbee plan for 20 years and people tell us it looks OK. Not great, but OK.

Here’s video from the calendar shoot; models include Christine Mendoza, Justene Jaro, Dawn Jaro, and Maya Michelle Rew.

The calendar costs a mere ten bucks (ten bucks?!?) and you can order it online via rosewoodcutters.com. You will not find a cheaper and more awesome Christmas gift.

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