Wednesday Wasabi: Happy Chinese New Year from Sora Aoi

Sora AoiWhat the what? No, we’ve not gone and mixed up our Asians. We don’t expect to win any awards for cultural sensitivity but we do know the difference between China and Japan. Sora (or Sola) Aoi is a Japanese adult video star.

She is also greatly loved in China, having taken the country by storm, as described in this story from May 2011: “Porn Star Sora Aoi Is Taking China by Storm.”

Porn is illegal in China, which makes Sora’s celebrity a little bit mysterious. Do all her Chinese fans know she’s a porn star? Do they know how much of a porn star she is? She’s not a soft-porn star or a nude model, she’s a full-on, real-deal porn star, as seen in such films as Lewd Busty Female Teacher, Masochist Big Tits Private Investigator‎, Wouldn’t You Like to Be Shown Sora’s Sex Thoroughly?, Sexy Butt Climax 2004 and Yeah! Nurses!!

(Nurses! In pornographic movies! How could they!?)

We celebrate Chinese New Year (well, it was Monday) with Sora because she herself is in the news for celebrating it. She was a celebrity guest at the Chinese New Year party thrown in Beijing by online fashion retailer Vancl, which apparently offended some people. Apparently, porn stars are not welcome at Chinese New Year. Apparently the rule is, if you do porn, you cannot come up on stage and write calligraphy at the party, because you’ll get your porn cooties on everyone and before you know it Vancl will have to go out of business. Because of the porn cooties.

We don’t know anything about that. We just know that Sora Aoi would be a welcome guest at any party we throw.