Sophie Wars: Turner vs. Reade in Blonde Boy Short Bum Battle

Sophie Reade and Sophie Turner Stretching

MoeJackson has broken two stories within the last week that can hardly be coincidence: eye-popping blonde reality TV babes publicly stretching in very tight shorts and sportsbras. In this corner, Sophie Turner, winner of Australia’s Search for a Supermodel; her opponent is Sophie Reade, champ from British Big Brother, season 83.

Sophie Turner aims to be a Hollywood actress, and had four movies in the can—so to speak. We’d say her can has many more movies in it than that. Sophie Reade, on the other hand, is a bit stuck in England but is keen to do the Bunny thing in L.A., according to the crack journalists at The Sun. She too has movies in her can, and her cans, which are seen regularly in the British men’s weekly rags (not to mention as a Special Editions model for Playboy, once upon a time).

Sophie Reade vs. Sophie Turner in a spandex-coated athletic contest of some kind—who would win? All of us, fellow Girlwatchers, all of us.

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