Sophie Turner Spreads Message of Buttocks, Not Bombs

Sophie TurnerIs it okay for a hot Australian girl to write “#BostonStrong on her butt cheeks?

Catastrophe will make a person do strange things to cope, and in the wakeof the Boston Marathon bombing, people were looking around for something to make everthing seem ok. Or they were just being internet jackoffs. A #boobsforboston tag started up on Twitter but was considered tasteless even by those Twitter denizens who’ll crack their cans out for any reason at all. Or no reason. Better to show them because it’s Tuesday than because of terrorism, we guess.

Sophie Turner (@sophieturner1) waited several days, though, before posting pictures of her ass with “#BostonStrong” on it. And who’s to say that wasn’t the right thing to do? on the same day, we were trying to make sense of it all with some Nina Agdal bikini pictures, which come to think of it we’d have posted anyway. So perhaps that was what we call things getting back to normal.

Sophie Turner posts a lot of sexy pictures, and her rear end is particularly popular with the crowd at Barstool Sports: Boston. So she gave the boys something that they wanted when they were having a rough week.

No doubt some people will frown on this as opportunistic, or in bad taste, and to them we say: Welcome to the internet. This might not be the place for you.

About those sexy pictures Sophie is always tweeting (from Instagram: SophieTurnerOne) — here are a solid 30 of them.

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