Sophie Horn is the World’s Sexiest Golfer

Sophie Horn
With the Masters Tournament raging, we can’t help but think of golf, although aside from a few hot golfers’ wives (like these PGA WAGs here — well played, Henrik Stenson) the girlwatching is minimal.

All the more reason to bring you the hottest professional lady golfer in the world — Sophie Horn. Sophie is a Brit who in her alter ego The Golf Nurse has dispensed tips on keeping your ball out of the rough. We don’t know what’s more arousing here — the fact that she poses in bikinis and lingerie or that she is longer than you are off the tee. She doesn’t play on the LPGA and we’re not sure where she’d rank in terms of global golfitude, but she is the World #1 in teh sexy.

What’s the Golf Nurse’s #1 tip for hackers? Get some lessons – preferably off me at a very reasonable rate!

Would you ever play a PGA event like Annika Sorenstam did? How do you think you would do? I prefer playing with men. I think I would give them a good run for their money.

What male pro golfer would you most like to play the skins game with? The one with the most money; then I wouldn’t feel so bad taking a load off them. [We're pretty sure she means a "load" of money. So get your mind out of the gutter straight away. --Ed.]

Who is the best dressed male pro golfer? Ian Poulter.

You’ve posed for a lot of photos wearing a bikini and holding a golf club. Would that be permissible attire at a tour event? Depends what tour it is! I think they need to lighten up on the rules — if they think it’s too much skin, maybe I could compromise: Bikini with some knee high socks!

How would you change the rules to make ladies’ golf wear sexier? Scrap the rules and make me Director of Fashion for the LPGA! Simple!

What are the pros of playing golf wearing a bikini? Freedom of movement plus it’s pretty handy in distracting my opponent.

What are the cons? Freedom of movement.

We’ve always wondered, do boobs get in the way when you’re swinging the club? If I don’t wear a sports bra there’s a danger of them knocking the club out of my hand.

You recently played the Playboy Golf Finals, what was your favorite part? It has to be the Party at the Mansion!

Did you meet any of the Playmates? Yeah, and we got on very well.

Your skirt was shorter than the Playmates’, but their tops were a bit boobier (see picture here). With so many babes on the course, did you feel you had to bring your A game? I always bring my A game. All the girls were really supportive and seemed to love it when I smashed it past the men!

Do you think lady golfers are as sexy as, say, beach volleyballers or tennis players? Do lady golfers have an image problem? No they’re not as sexy due to the clothing restrictions. What they wear is governed by the rules which I personally think should be relaxed.

I think we can agree that you’re the sexiest pro golfer — who else should we be looking at? No one, you should only have eyes for me.

What’s your ultimate foursome — you plus…? Ron Jeremy, Pamela Anderson … oh sorry did you mean golf foursome? Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and it’s got to be the legend that is Jack Nicklaus!

You recently blogged about the “Nice Cup in Bra” golf bra that doubles as a putting green. Have you ordered yours yet? I practice using other devices.

Can you think of any other golf/lingerie hybrids someone ought to invent? I got my Horn pants coming out later in the year — but don’t tell anyone! (Oh, go on then.) There’s a little surprise in every box! [We think she means "pants" in the British sense -- i.e., panties. --Ed.]

Speaking of lingerie, what do you wear while you’re playing? Nothing. Oh, did you mean playing golf again? Well, still nothing!

Could you be involved with a man who is bad at golf? Which would be preferable a really bad golfer, or a man who doesn’t play at all? Golf is a big part of my life, it’s always important to have something in common — so I’d take a bad golfer rather than someone who doesn’t play at all.

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