Tuesday Totty: Quest for the Sexiest Ginger: Is it Sophie Coady?

Sophie CoadyOur post yesterday about Alyssa Campanella, the new Miss USA, got us wondering:

Is she, as COED asserts, the world’s sexiest ginger?

Maybe she is, maybe she’s not, but thinking about that question bought us to something a bit more meta:

Have we been neglecting the gingers in general?

It is possible we have–our go-to gingers are Christina Hendricks and Simwise, and we haven’t posted either of them in awhile. Fortunately we’ve just lucked onto another redhead who might have a very bright future. We found her on Tumblr; meet 20-year-old Sophie Coady of Portsmouth, UK.

(Oh yeah, we’ve started a Tumblr — grlwtchr.tumblr.com. We don’t know why we started a Tumblr, but it’s already addictive as hell. We will try to keep it stocked with hot stuff.)