Sophie Coady for the Ginger Wimbledon Win!

Sophie Coady
So Andy Murray won Wimbledon. This is a big deal — the first time in 77 years someone from the United Kingdom has won the men’s bracket in the Grand Slam event. We were just hanging out yesterday with some friends and one of them said “Oh, Wimbledon’s on now, isn’t it? Time to watch Andy Murray lose to Djokovic.”

That’s not fair. Andy Murray is the #2 player in the world and is at any time capable of beating Novak Djokovic (who is #1).

You have to wonder whether the general anti-redhead bias plays into this. It’s well documented that many people fear or at least dislike gingers. Elsewise how would “Gingers Have Souls” have achieved 33 million views on YouTube? Clearly this is a real problem.

Now, that’s all pretty silly. It is completely unreasonable to think Andy Murray doesn’t have a soul just because he’s ginger. Of course he has a soul, as much as any of us do. But that doesn’t mean he looks like a world class tennis player. It might be the hair.

So Sunday was a big day for English tennis; it was also a big day for gingers. And this is what brings us back to Sophie Coady who, like Andy Murray, delivers a big fuck-you to all the naysayers and soul-deniers. Gingers can win Wimbledon just like gingers can have huge boobs. Gingers can do anything.

(Also, we have been looking for an excuse to put Sophie back on the site and this is as good a reason as any.)

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