Sofia Vergara Doesn’t Win an Emmy. She Wins ALL the Emmys.

Sofia Vergara“ZOMG!!! did you see Sofia Vergara’s gown at the Emmys last night?”

Eh, it was nothing special by her always-high standards. The fact is she has the best body on network TV (at age 39!) and she’d have to be wearing a burlap sack for us not to notice. Hell, she’d even fill out a burlap sack quite nicely.

You can’t stop Sofia Vergara’s body, you can only hope to contain it.

Her show Modern Family, by the way, was the big winner at the 2011 Emmys. It won five Emmys, the most of any show, breaking HBO’s streak. And viewing the world through the lens that I do I have to say the success is entirely due to Sofia’s hotness. She didn’t even win the Emmy she was nominated for (she lost to a co-star) — doesn’t matter. The show succeeds because of Sofia, I am sure of it. (Well, the little chubby kid has his moments too.)

To celebrate Sofia’s triumph, here is an exhaustive gallery of must-see TV T&A, beginning with pictures of her in her hot-as-usual Emmy dress.