Show Us Your Tweets, Michelle Sanchez

Michelle Sanchez
We first met Michelle Sanchez on Tumblr — someone had tweeted a link to her blog there, and when we clicked it we saw this:

Michelle Sanchez

…which immediately triggered an epileptic seizure.

But once we came to and stabilized ourselves with some meds we took another look at the animated gif. Holy macaroni, this girl is sexy! Why have we not heard of this Michelle Sanchez before now?

So we immediately began stalking following her on Twitter (@MissMIsanchez), Instagram (@missmichellesanchez) and Tumblr (, etc., and in the weeks that have passed since, we’ve been richly rewarded with all kinds of great pictures.

In fact we just checked that Twitter and apparently yesterday was her birthday. What? We did not even plan that. As Michelle was celebrating her birthday last night at Marquee Las Vegas, we were celebrating it on our own way by stealing admiring dozens of her pictures. And now as a birthday present we will say nice things about her.

Michelle Sanchez looks great in a bikini.

Michelle Sanchez is kind to animals.

Michelle Sanchez is not harmful to the environment.

Michelle Sanchez promotes world peace.

Yes, Michelle Sanchez gave us an epileptic seizure. But she cured our cancer, so really she did more good than harm.

Happy birthday, Michelle Sanchez.

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