Should Pole Dancing Be an Olympic Sport?

competitive pole dancingThe next summer Olympics are still two years away, but we’re already pissed. Why? Because competitive pole dancing has yet to be recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a medalled event. Hell, it’s not even one of those bullshit “exhibition” sports.

Surely part of the problem lies in the fact that there seem to be more championship belts in competitive pole dancing than boxing, mixed martial arts, and the beauty pageant circuit combined. Seriously. Check out just a few of our new favorite sport’s governing hard bodies.

The Official World Pole Sport Fitness Championships

These are the big boys of the pole dancing circuit. They feature competitions around the world and have landed sponsorships from Pole Fitness Instructor Training and RPole Fitness. Presumably that’s like scoring endorsement deals from STP Motor Oil, Nike, and Flutie Flakes all in one fell swoop.

Here’s a sampling of highlights from their 2009 world championship.

US Pole Dance Federation

The Federation is clearly pole dancing’s class act. The organization posts actual rules for competition (sample: “Props need to be approved by USPDF”) and their website doesn’t look like it was designed by a twelve-year-old in 1998.

Have a gander at highlights from the 2010 USPDF Nationals.

Miss Pole Dance Canada

This is the Canadian Football League of pole dancing competitions, and not just because it’s from Canada. Well, maybe just because it’s from Canada, but considering the fact that Toronto is home to some of the best strip clubs in the world, frankly we expected better than this dimly-lit, seizure-inducing video.

But hell, it’s still women spinning on a pole, so check it out.

Miss Pole Dance Australia

Down under’s finest spinners strut their stuff at this annual event, which appears to have started life in someone’s basement before quickly graduating to the kind of venues that typically host kangaroo boxing.

Witness all the smoke machines and sequins you can stomach in this highlight reel from the 2011 competition (apparently it’s already next year in Australia — man that international date line is crazy).