She’s Pretty: TSJ Talks to Model Kay McPhee

The Smoking Jacket: Is that a pageant you’re in? 

Kay McPhee: That is a bikini competition, I have competed in both TropicBeauty World Finals 2012, representing Langley, Canada. As well as Swimwear USA international 2012.

TSJ: So tell me about that – how did you get involved, what was it like, what’s it like competing with all those chiquitas in sashes?

KM: I actually got involved by fluke, and it’s just been a nonstop experience since. I never actually believed I could ever do well behind a camera. The competitions are a lot of work, and even being there is a lot of work, non-stop go go go. But it’s amazing and you meet a lot of girls from around the world who are into the same healthy lifestyle you are into. Who appreciate feeling and looking good.

TSJ: So what else are you up to, apart from strutting your stuff and looking knockout?

KM: In my downtime I’m actually a student, studying microbiology, hoping to get accepted into med school.

TSJ: Med school! Big leagues! So in the meantime, what’s your fave thing about modeling?

KM: My favorite thing about modeling is just how much fun it can be. I’ll get to look back when i’m 70 and go, “That was me — I did that.” I’ve gotten to experience things not many others do.

TSJ: Memorable shooting locations?

KM: Santa Monica for sure. I just really like the vibe there in general, and it is such a great relaxed place to be.

TSJ: So tell our readers — what makes a great date for you?

KM: A great date? It would be something that was fun like an amusement park or something active and adrenaline, like ziplining or paintballing, skydiving. I really like to push the boundaries and do something that is a lot of fun, that allows a lot of interaction.

TSJ: Okay, so that’s all cool and sporty… but what is the laziest thing you do?

KM: My laziest habit? Oh, sleeping! I love to sleep. I can easily sleep over 10 hours if my schedule allows it.

TSJ: Secret it’s so bad it’s good food?

KM: Secret bad but good food is either ice cream or croissants — I love them both so much that if they are in the house I HAVE to eat them!


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