She’s Pretty: Taryn Maria Poses for the Playboy App!

Taryn Maria’s Playboy Miss Social Miss March 2013 shoot is live on the Playboy app. Download the Playboy iPhone app and see her full gallery HERE!

Taryn Marie

The Smoking Jacket: Were you excited to be named Playboy’s Miss Social last spring? 

Taryn Maria: I was in shock, I couldn’t believe It. Still hard to believe, to be honest! I had been in PBMS for just over two years, and I had made the finals a total of 12 times. I was Runner-Up twice (in July and September of 2012), and I was the only non-winner in 2012 to qualify for PBMS of the year… when I made finals but did not win, sadly. But now I get one more shot in February 2014, so make sure to vote for me!

TSJ: What was the highlight of that experience? 

TM: Meeting so many amazing women from around the world — from the USA, Singapore, Iceland, Mexico, the UK, Australia even other Canadians! Plus the winners get an all-expenses-paid trip to the Playboy Studios in LA, a photo shoot with a prestigious Playboy photographer, VIP treatment from Playboy’s skilled hair and makeup team during the photo shoot and, of course, the chance to appear on Playboy’s official iPhone App and other affiliate Playboy properties.

TSJ: Wow — what a great time you must have had! That must have been such a blast. So did you have to get pretty skimpy on the clothes? What’s the craziest outfit you’ve ever posed in?

TM: I’ve shot in some crazy outfits. One that comes to mind is this crazy zebra lingerie outfit that criss-crosses over my entire body… Let’s just say it takes a lot more time to put on then take off! You can find photos of this outfit on my Playboy Miss Social Profile.

Taryn Maria

TSJ: Why did you want to pose for Playboy?

TM: I’ve always wanted to pose for Playboy, but being Canadian I was limited — I didn’t have an American work visa. I’d attended a bunch of Special Edition casting calls, and I was in the back of The Lingerie Issue in 2009, but under Vancouver Casting Calls. That was my first taste of Playboy…

My real adventure with Playboy started with Playboy Golf, and they gave me my first Playboy Mansion experience. I was around 18 or 19 years old and it was FANTASTIC.

I’m not a big drinker so I used the time to mingle like the social butterfly that I am! I don’t party, I network! I always remember to keep it classy, not trashy! Eventually I worked my way through a bunch of small Playboy events like Karma before I stumbled upon Playboy Miss Social.

It was amazing. They were looking for a girl-next-door type, and being a natural model this was the perfect match for me… I battled tooth and nail for a long time before I was awarded the honor of Playboy’s Miss Social March 2013, and I shot both nude and non-nude for my Playboy pictorial.

Taryn Maria

TSJ: How does it feel to be the only Canuck ever to win this deal? Did they make a fuss about that when you went to do your shoot? 

TM: I worked SOO HARD for SOO LONG to be the first international winner, but sadly I was beat out by the beautiful Angie Vu Ha from Singapore in October 2012. But I kept my chin up and aimed to be the first Canadian winner.

Between November and March there were a lot of new Canadian models that entered PBMS, and it had me a little worried, but nobody was going to take this dream away from me! I had worked too hard for too long to let it slip away.

I started giving out signed photos, calendars, mugs, and pens to my top voters. I also made a bunch of personal videos, and I focused my energy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, pushing and pushing for the win… until I finally won Playboy’s Miss Social for March 2013! I was pretty proud to be the first and only Canadian winner out of the 25 girls! OH CANADA I AM PROUD TO BE CANADIAN! It was NOT easy, but if you can dream it, you can do it!!

TSJ: What are you hoping will come of this experience?

TM: I won in March, had to wait till May to shoot and now its September and my photos were just released on the Playboy App! I was SO EXCITED to see my photos. When I saw them, I was speechless — they are so much better then I expected. I am hoping to win PBMS of the year in February 2014 and tack on another amazing title of FIRST INTERNATIONAL PBMSOY!!

TSJ: Well good luck to you! Did you feel shy about the nude shots or was it just fun?

TM: I was born naked, I’ll die naked! It’s funny, I’m more comfortable naked and in lingerie then in a dress or something. I was naked and ready to shoot before my photographer, Adam Rindy, was ready! Haha.

Taryn Maria

TSJ: What else do you like to do, when you’re not being all gorgeous in front of a camera? 

TM: I might look like a girly girl but I am the total opposite, I am a total jock. I spend a lot of time fishing, traveling, and playing video games on my PS3. I spent a lot of time Chilling at home playing with my Golden Retriever, she makes me smile even on the worse days.

TSJ: What was the best part of summer 2013? 

TM: Besides my PBMS shoot in LA, I went to Vegas for the first time with my mom and a bunch of people (her friends and mine). Let’s just say we had A LOT of fun, some serious shenanigans went down, and by the time we got home to Canada, we had NO voices left! Sober and laughing can be more fun than blackout drunk! 



Taryn Maria’s Playboy Miss Social Miss March 2013 shoot is live on the Playboy app. Download the Playboy iPhone app and see her full gallery HERE!